Gas-fired pizza oven for the garden

How would you like to install a splendid gas-fired pizza oven in your own garden?

Imagine having the perfect equipment for making irresistible pizzas at home, just like the ones you get from your favourite pizzeria. As you relax in the garden you can cook your pizzas in a magnificent gas oven, in the certainty that they’ll turn out truly delicious.

Ambrogi – leader since 1939 in the construction of gas and wood-fuelled ovens for restaurants, pizzerias and private homes - is the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Jolly Rifinito Linea Napoli could be the gas-fired pizza oven for your garden. What is it?

Jolly Rifinito Linea Napoli is the small-sized professional pizza oven. It’s not only suitable for bars and restaurants seeking to add pizza to their menu without the need to carry out major building work to install a permanent pizza oven, but also for families looking for the perfect gas-fired pizza oven for their garden.

Let’s have a look at the features of the Jolly Rifinito Linea Napoli, the gas-fired garden pizza oven you were waiting for:

  • Completely insulated
  • Entirely clad in copper
  • Special dome-shape roof
  • No need for additional covering
  • Built-in stainless steel shelf
  • Covering can be entirely stainless steel on request
  • Limited size for easy transport
  • Professional quality
  • Can be installed on a trolley
  • Can be gas-fired

And if the gas-fired garden pizza oven is not enough and you prefer a professional solution for your kitchen or clubhouse, Jolly Rifinito Linea Napoli is still the model to bear in mind, because its moderate size means it can be easily fitted into your home decor scheme. Alternatively, your gas-fired pizza oven can be installed outdoors on the terrace too.

Do you want to know more about the other Ambrogi models and its pizza ovens in general? Contact the company now for personalised advice!

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