Prefabricated ovens

Prefabricated ovens are an attractive and functional solution for clients seeking high quality manufacture with the guarantee of state-of-the-art design.

Prefabricated ovens can vary in the type of use, size, purpose, construction materials and shape; not only the best available for your pizzeria or restaurant, but also enabling you to choose a made-to-measure solution for your business.

As previously mentioned, prefabricated ovens can be of several types. First of all, it is essential to understand that these items may be destined for private use, in other words built to be used at home, or professional use, in other words designed to be used in a restaurant where the quality of cooking needs to be optimum.

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Prefabricated ovens: the Ambrogi solution

Since 1939, Ambrogi has represented the utmost Italian excellence in the design, manufacture and sale of the best prefabricated ovens for professional use.

In particular, Ambrogi specialises in the production of professional wood or gas ovens for restaurants and pizzerias: all the brand’s prefabricated ovens are specifically designed to guarantee moderate fuel consumption, durability and maximum performance.

Ambrogi Srl prefabricated ovens are built with appropriate top quality materials. Specifically, in line with Italian tradition, cooking surfaces are made of refractory terracotta sintered at extremely high temperatures.

The domes, on the other hand, are made in concrete consolidated with super-aluminous cement, to ensure that protracted use over time will not ruin the roof of the oven.

Ambrogi prefabricated ovens are produced in a wide range of shapes, sizes and models, to meet the criteria of any design. In all cases, the ovens are insulated using universally effective materials such as expanded perlite and calcium silicate. Lastly, Ambrogi have designed a real thermal flywheel effect for prefabricated ovens, by placing a large amount of suitable material under the cooking surface in order to create a reserve of heat, thus avoiding fluctuation and sudden cooling in the oven.

If you’re looking for a prefabricated oven that combines the utmost quality of Italian tradition with the most up-to-date and high-performance technologies, just contact the expert staff at Ambrogi for immediate personalised advice.