Prefabricated wood-fired oven

Are you looking for a prefabricated wood-fired pizza oven? Do you want a prefabricated wood-fired oven to install in your restaurant, pizzeria or home? Have you discovered the exclusive range of products by Ambrogi, Italian leader in the manufacture of professional ovens since 1939?

The Ambrogi range of prefabricated wood-fired pizza ovens is extensive, with a huge variety of types, sizes and finishes; there’s something to meet the needs of every client, always guaranteeing maximum construction quality, excellent performance and great durability.

Whatever your requirements, we advise you to head to Ambrogi to find out about the best prefabricated wood-fired pizza ovens currently on the market. With Ambrogi, you can be assured that your prefabricated wood-fired oven will be of the highest quality, entirely designed and built in Italy at the company’s premises just outside Milan.

First of all, we invite you to take a look at Ambrogi’s exhaustive website to see the full range of prefabricated wood-fired pizza ovens; in the meantime, below is a description of two models produced by the celebrated Lombardy firm.

Jolly Rifinito prefabricated wood-fired oven: this is a small-sized professional pizza oven, beautifully made and ideal for bars or restaurants wishing to expand their menu with excellent traditional pizzas or other dishes cooked in a wood oven. The compact size of Jolly Rifinito also makes it the perfect solution for installation in the home; in the garden, clubhouse, kitchen or terrace. This prefabricated wood-fired oven is insulated and clad in stainless steel with a hand-finished copper front panel and a built-in shelf. No additional covering is needed. On request, the Jolly Rifinito can also be finished entirely in stainless steel. Its special shape makes it suitable to high quality catering services, while its limited dimensions allow installation on a trailer or inside a van for mobile pizzerias.

Amalfi Trasportabile prefabricated wood-fired oven: this is a traditional-style professional wood-fired oven which can also be powered by gas. Completely insulated, it has an outer structure in stainless steel with copper front panels; no additional finishing is necessary. The copper front panels are available in several different finishes to meet all style requirements. The Amalfi Trasportabile is assembled and palletised at the Ambrogi premises by a highly qualified team and then shipped to its destination with maximum security for immediate installation and use: just connect the flue. The Amalfi Trasportabile is entirely clad in steel and copper, and therefore needs particularly careful handling during transport. If necessary, the oven can be fitted with a wider shelf to accommodate baking dishes and larger sized pizzas. The oven’s cylindrical shape adds elegance and allows more effective use of space, as the opening can be positioned to suit the layout of the workstation. The prefabricated wood-fired oven also features an exceptional and exclusive wood chamber, spacious and uncluttered.

Not enough? Are you looking for other types of prefabricated wood-fired pizza oven? Contact Ambrogi now for personalised advice!

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