Amalfi Trasportabile, professional, traditional pizza oven



Professional pizza oven mod. AMALFI TRASPORTABILE.
The outside structure is made of stainless steel with frontal copper parts. No additional finishing is required.
Assembled in our factory by skilled personnel, the oven fully equipped already palletized will get to your pizzeria ready to use. All you have to do is connect the oven to the chimney flue!
It requires accurate carriage.
The cylindrical shape gives the oven a special elegance and allows exploiting the space as best as possible and to orient the stoke-hole according to all requirements.
The structure also offers an exceptional and spacious log holder.
The oven can be arranged with a bigger oven threshold for deep-dish pizza or “for different sizes pizzas.”
Mod. Amalfi Trasportabile can be arranged or directly fitted with gas burner