Professional home ovens

Professional home ovens are the essential piece of equipment for anyone who loves excellent home-made pizza. Pizza is a favourite dish for young and old alike. Whether it’s an evening with friends, a quick snack or – why not – a celebration, a good pizza is a worthwhile option.

The range of professional home ovens offered by Ambrogi includes small-sized ovens whose highly professional performance and simple installation ensures they are extremely popular with individuals seeking a professional domestic oven that can be the source of shared happiness.

Professional home ovens: the Jolly model by Ambrogi

The Jolly professional home oven is not only the ideal piece of equipment for baking fragrant pizzas, but – thanks to the materials used – is also perfect for cooking bread, focaccia, meat and other dishes.

Thanks to its moderate size and the option of installation outdoors, the Jolly professional oven will be a unique and highly distinctive element in your house or garden.

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Why choose Ambrogi professional ovens? First and foremost for the cooking performance they will guarantee for your dishes. Imagine the unmistakable flavour of a pizza cooked in a professional wood-fired oven, installed directly in your home. It’ll be just like going out for dinner.

For the installation of professional home ovens, Ambrogi has chosen its famous Jolly model. The Jolly professional home oven not only features an utterly unmistakable aesthetic, making it an exceptionally attractive addition to your home, but also boasts excellent quality in the cooking of pizzas, bread and other dishes.

Compact and tidy, able to bring your perfect cooking to life: Jolly is the king of professional home ovens!

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