Professional pizza oven

Professional pizza oven? The answer is Ambrogi, since 1939 Italy’s leading company in the design and manufacture of the best professional ovens for restaurants, pizzerias and domestic use.

Choosing Ambrogi for your professional pizza oven means dealing with a company which for almost a century has focused its experience and expertise on the production of the very best professional ovens for restaurants and pizzerias. In 1939 Primo Ambrogi, a skilled flue technician, built his first wood-fired pizza oven, which was immediately installed in one of Milan’s top restaurants.

Years later, his heirs Franco and Pieremilio designed a fully-assembled professional oven to the complete satisfaction of all their clients’ needs. This was the beginning of an enormously successful business which continues to thrive today.

Ambrogi professional pizza ovens today are the result of carefully selected materials, detailed analysis of the shape of the cooking chamber and – more generally – the firm’s many years of experience in manufacturing this type of equipment. Now in its third generation, the Ambrogi family business is a synonym for the very best professional pizza ovens.

Professional pizza ovens: three Ambrogi models

The best professional pizza oven is embodied in numerous models by Ambrogi, a genuine institution in the sector. Below we’ll show you three of these; but we invite you to take a look at the website for all the various types and models available.

  • Amalfi professional pizza oven: this is a fully insulated wood-fired oven with an outer structure in stainless steel with copper front panels in various finishes. No additional finish is required. The Amalfi is assembled on-site in the restaurant or pizzeria by highly specialised Ambrogi staff, or delivered ready-assembled. The shelf can be wider for cooking deep-dish pizza or larger sizes. Amalfi is a professional pizza oven with an elegant and sophisticated cylindrical shape which allows better use of space; the opening can be placed in a position convenient to the workspace and the height of the worktop. Compact and sleek, the Amalfi has an exceptionally spacious and uncluttered wood chamber which can also be fitted with closing doors. The Amalfi professional pizza oven can also be fuelled by gas.
  • Mec 80 professional pizza oven: this is a pre-assembled monoblock oven, ready to be installed to your specifications. This is the heart of your oven, and it can be insulated, clad and finished to suit its surroundings. Our professional pizza oven is supplied palletised and ready for lifting by crane, with no need for extra packaging, for maximum safety during transportation, thanks to its solid stainless steel structure. The optional components kit supplied makes it possible to assemble the Mec 80 on site, and it can also be fuelled by gas.
  • Universal professional pizza oven: this is a pre-assembled monoblock oven, insulated and covered in stainless steel, with integrated shelf. No additional finishing is necessary. On request, the oven can be fitted with an attractive copper front. The oven is supplied with a metal stand, ready palletised and easy to transport. The Universal professional pizza oven is particularly recommended for parties, catering services, open-air pizzerias, events and fairs, or for mobile pizzerias. It can also be gas-fuelled.

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