Professional pizza ovens

Professional pizza ovens are meticulously studied and designed with the ultimate goal of producing exceptional quality food.

Pizzas cooked in a professional oven, and particularly a wood-fired oven, have always been considered the utmost in deliciousness. This is not an urban myth, but the truth: professional pizza ovens do in fact permit a unique type of cooking, guaranteed not only by the extremely high temperatures reached by a professional oven, but also by the special air circulation and the materials the oven is made of. The same result is unlikely to be achieved with other kinds of manufacture.

For this and other reasons, anyone in charge of or wishing to open a pizzeria knows how important it is to choose the very best professional pizza oven.

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Professional pizza ovens: how they’re made

In general, professional pizza ovens to be used in restaurants are often made to measure on the request of individual clients. Alternatively, the best manufacturers always offer a wide range of solutions, to provide maximum satisfaction.

Whatever the model of professional pizza oven chosen, it must have certain specific characteristics: it should be constructed using safe materials of the highest quality, obviously suitable for food use; it should guarantee durability over time and optimum performance, even when used continuously every day; energy consumption should be reasonably low and maintenance extremely simple.

In general, all professional wood-fired pizza ovens follow the same construction:

  • The cooking surface: should be made in a refractive material which is extremely resistant both to high temperatures and to abrasion.
  • The roof: this is also made of a refractory material. The roof is usually dome-shaped, as this allows the very high temperatures needed for perfect cooking to be reached and maintained.
  • The hood: essential for removing smoke via the chimney.

Since its founding in 1939, Ambrogi has been the landmark in excellence for the design, manufacture and sale of the best professional pizza ovens. Contact our expert and skilled staff now for an obligation-free consultation for the perfect professional pizza oven for your restaurant.