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In sales of wood-fired ovens, there’s one brand that has dominated the Italian market for almost a century: this is Ambrogi, a landmark in Italy since 1939 for the construction and sale of wood and gas-fired ovens for restaurants, pizzerias and private users.

The story of the Lombardy firm began when Primo Ambrogi, a skilled flue technician, built his first wood-fired oven and installed it in one of Milan’s most renowned restaurants. From that moment on, the story of Ambrogi is marked by repeated success.

Within a few years, Primo’s heirs Franco and Pieremilio designed a ready-assembled model of the oven to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated clientele.

Today, Ambrogi wood-fired ovens have a firm place in the world market, thanks to careful selection of materials, the shape of the cooking chamber and the firm’s long experience in the sector.

There are numerous Ambrogi collections, ideal for any type of application and with various dimensions, shapes and finishes. The Ambrogi brand, totally Italian in design and manufacture, is deservedly synonymous with the sale of wood-fired ovens.

Sales of wood-fired ovens: why choose Ambrogi?

Why choose the Ambrogi brand among numerous names specialising in the sale of wood-fired ovens? There are plenty of reasons.

First and foremost, the quality of Ambrogi products guarantees professional wood-fired ovens for restaurants and pizzerias that are designed and manufactured to ensure optimum functioning, low energy use and long-lasting durability.

Entirely Italian production, carried out completely at the Ambrogi premises on the outskirts of Milan, is another plus, making the brand a leader in sales of wood ovens.

Then there’s the undeniable quality of the materials used in the construction of Ambrogi ovens. The cooking surfaces, for example, are made in heat-resistant terracotta sintered at extremely high temperatures, as demanded by tradition. Domes are made in heat-resistant vibrated concrete with high levels of aluminium, to prevent the roof being damaged by prolonged use.

The height and curve of the dome and the dimensions of the opening are also proportional to the size of the oven, to ensure optimum results. In terms of insulation, Ambrogi uses effective materials such as calcium silicate and expanded perlite. The external surface of the insulated models is therefore guaranteed to remain at room temperature during operation.

Another feature of the ovens is known as the thermal flywheel effect: a large quantity of suitable material under the cooking surface ensures a store of heat, preventing temperature fluctuations and cooling.

The very best technologies applied to traditional construction methods ultimately make Ambrogi a mark of excellence in the sale of wood-fired ovens.

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