Steel wood-fired ovens

Since 1939 Ambrogi has been the leading firm in the manufacture and sale of the best steel and copper wood-fired ovens for restaurants, pizzerias and private clients wishing to install a wood-fired oven clad in stainless steel in their kitchen or clubroom. Ambrogi’s extensive experience, the result of almost a century of operation, and thousands of satisfied customers make the Lombardy firm a genuine Italian landmark in this sector.

Ambrogi’s wood-fired ovens clad in steel and copper are a guarantee of exceptional functionality, low fuel consumption and excellent durability. All the ovens are designed and manufactured at the company premises near Milan, and distributed throughout Italy.

The Ambrogi range of wood-fired ovens clad in stainless steel is extensive; we therefore advise you to consult the company’s website to get a full picture of the many products available.

However, below we’d like to show you two models of wood-fired ovens clad in steel which are particularly recommended for various types of use, and can thereby fully meet the needs both of clients and of increasingly exacting consumers.

Stainless steel wood-fired ovens: the Amalfi model by Ambrogi

Amalfi is a wood-fired oven clad in stainless steel and copper to guarantee robustness, performance and maximum durability.

This is a fully insulated professional oven with a floor-length outer structure in stainless steel and front panels in finished copper. No additional finishes are required. Ambrogi supplies the copper front panels in various finishes and designs, to meet all style requirements.

The Amalfi stainless steel and copper wood-fired oven can be assembled on site in the pizzeria or restaurant by specialised Ambrogi staff or, alternatively, delivered to the client pre-assembled and ready to install.

And that’s not all: The Amalfi can be fitted with a wider shelf for cooking deep-dish pizza or larger sizes. The cylindrical shape of this exclusive stainless steel wood-fired oven is truly elegant and allows better use of space: the opening can be placed in a position convenient to the workspace.

Lastly, the Amalfi has an exceptionally spacious and uncluttered wood-burning chamber which can be fitted with closing doors if required.

It can also be gas-fuelled.

Copper wood-fired ovens: the Jolly Rifinito Linea Napoli

The Jolly Rifinito Linea Napoli is one of the best copper-clad wood-fired ovens available on the market. This is a small-sized professional pizza oven, ideal not only for private use but also for bars and restaurants wishing to extend their menu by the addition of excellent traditional pizza.

The Jolly Rifinito Linea Napoli is fully insulated and entirely clad in copper with a special domed roof.

The built-in shelf is made of stainless steel. The Jolly Rifinito Linea Napoli offers compact dimensions, making it perfect for catering services or mobile pizzerias, events, fairs and festivals.

It can also be gas-fuelled.

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