Wood-fired pizza ovens prices

Wood-fired pizza ovens: so many ovens on the market, and so many prices. Prices are always variable and can only be definitively calculated through a precise analysis of the client’s needs and the characteristics of the product.

And so, before we talk about prices for wood-fired pizza ovens, it’s necessary to fully understand how diverse these items can actually be.

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What is a wood-fired pizza oven? Where does it come from?

Wood-fired ovens have ancient origins, and have always been used both for baking bread and for cooking other foods. In fact, the origin of wood-fired ovens could be said to coincide with the introduction of bread in our diets.

With the passing of time it became clear that wood-fired ovens could be used to cook not only bread, but also a huge range of foods of various types: from meat to vegetables and desserts. Wood-fired ovens were once the only technology available for cooking food.

Cooking with wood gives pizza not only a special fragrance but also an exceptional flavour, of a far higher quality than cooking in any electric oven.

What’s more, wood-fired pizza ovens also allow very fast cooking because the construction materials mean the temperature can be raised much faster and more effectively.

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Wood-fired pizza ovens: prices and functions

As previously mentioned, the price of a wood-fired pizza oven varies with the dimensions, the quality of the construction materials, the type and amount of cooking it needs to achieve, the fuel consumption and the maintenance it will require.

It is vital to remember that a wood-fired pizza oven will be subject to intensive daily use which may continue for years, without ever showing signs of deterioration which might impact its effectiveness and therefore the quality of the foods cooked.

The very best wood-fired pizza ovens bear the name of Ambrogi: a completely Made in Italy firm founded in 1939 and today a landmark in the manufacture and sale of professional ovens for restaurants and pizzerias.

The Ambrogi range of products – today spread all over the world – is geared to anyone seeking a wood-fired pizza oven with maximum performance, minimum maintenance, excellent quality and guaranteed durability.

Ambrogi’s Italian tradition is the calling card which has allowed the firm to cross national borders over the years, to reach every corner of the world with its excellent professional ovens.

Contact the expert Ambrogi staff today and tell them about your plan: you’ll immediately receive the best advice about the most high-performance wood-fired pizza ovens and their prices.