80 years of Ambrogi

Ambrogi was founded 80 years ago in 1939, the result of Primo Ambrogi’s ingenuity. This was the year he built his first wood-fuelled oven, unaware that this would be the future for him and his family.
Ambrogi is an artisan firm which works with determination and professionalism, enabling it to make a name for itself in Italy and abroad, consolidating and expanding its business and combining artisan tradition with constant technical innovation.

From Primo to Franco and Pieremilio, followed by Luciano and Giada: the personal touch has always characterised Ambrogi production, and will continue to do so. The members of the Ambrogi family personally take charge of the design, artisan production and assembly of the ovens and every stage of sales.

We are often asked how we build our ovens, how we introduce new technology and why we decide to put our trust in new materials. Every decision we make is dictated by our experience, passion and integrity, allowing us to move with the times while retaining our traditions and the necessary dynamism to respond to social change and the challenges of a constantly-evolving market.

We have always been attentive to the needs of our clientele. Our desire to respond in the best possible way to our clients’ needs is a source of pride for us, because their satisfaction once the job is done is extremely gratifying.
Our passion and undisputed professionalism in our work are rewarded by a large number of happy clients who continue to show their faith in us by choosing our products time and again. Ambrogi wood and gas ovens can be found in pizzerias, restaurants, hotels and numerous other settings all over the world.

Our eightieth anniversary is a major achievement, made possible by the efforts of our employees, our suppliers and, above all, our many satisfied and loyal clients.