A world full of Ambrogi ovens

Ambrogi professional wood and gas ovens are a symbol of Italian tradition and attention to materials and aesthetics. We’re proud to take our country’s name out into the world, knowing our ovens are present in trattorias in the tiniest Italian villages and in luxury resorts and restaurants in the greatest international cities.

Ambrogi pizza ovens can be found in more than 70 countries around the world.


Finished ovens

Wherever in the world your pizzeria or restaurant may be, our wood and gas ovens can be shipped to you assembled and ready for installation. No external intervention is needed; the only further step is to connect the flue to the outlet built into the oven.

In 1979, when we patented the  MEC 80 – today the Base model – Ambrogi was the first firm in the sector to build single-block ovens, which could be shipped abroad without the need for specialist work on-site.

The Amalfi oven is shipped as a single unit with a built-in wood storage chamber; the other models (Napoli, Gran Napoli, Universal, Base, Festival and the entire Jolly range) are equipped with a stand which supports the oven. Once the oven arrives at your pizzeria, it just needs to be positioned, and moving it is extremely simple, even with a manual pallet jack.

This is the ideal solution if your restaurant has enough space to allow the already assembled oven to be installed without the need for interventions on-site.

The ready-to-use oven is entirely constructed and assembled on our premises just outside Milan. For this option, the access door or window must be large enough to allow the passage of the oven.


Shipping of assembly kit

Where it is not possible to install the assembled pizza oven in your restaurant due to structural barriers or difficult access, we suggest our ovens in KIT form.

The kit contains the dismantled oven, complete with all the materials needed for its assembly (cement etc), cooking surface, dome, insulation, supporting rack, outer cladding in sheet metal and detailed instructions for assembly. This solution allows the oven to be installed even where the passageway is narrow or the door is less than 100 cm wide.


Assembling the oven in the restaurant or pizzeria

In all the areas covered by our staff, the oven is assembled directly in your restaurant or pizzeria by our specialised team.

All our wood and gas ovens can be conveniently installed in your restaurant or pizzeria. Their structure means that our staff can transport the ovens and assemble them on-site in the course of a day. All the components will pass through any size door.