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Characteristics of Ambrogi ovens

Ambrogi professional wood and gas ovens for pizzerias and restaurants have always been designed and constructed to ensure optimum functionality, low energy consumption and excellent durability.

All Ambrogi ovens are produced entirely on our premises just outside Milan, guaranteeing excellent Made in Italy quality.

– Once the oven is in place, just connect the flue and it’s ready for use.

– Thanks to the special insulation, which retains the temperature practically unaltered from the previous evening when in daily use, the oven is ready for cooking in just a few minutes.

– Internal temperature stability and high-quality materials mean that our ovens always cook perfectly, even when used non-stop.

– Our ovens are completely insulated and clad, so their external temperature is the same as the ambient temperature.

– The refractory surface and the insulation are designed to increase yield and reduce operating costs and heat loss.

– The design of the shape and dimensions of the dome optimise the yield and refraction of the flames on the cooking surface, meaning that both dome and cooking surface can be heated with a single heat source.

– The special thermal flywheel effect below the fire-resistant terracotta surface prevents temperature dips, even when the oven is used intensively.

– Our wood and gas ovens are also ideal for baking bread and other dishes, even when the fire is out.