Jolly – A small professional oven at home

Pizza is a favourite dish for young and old alike. Whether it’s an evening with friends, a quick snack or – why not – a celebration, a good pizza is a fantastic option.

The Jolly range from Ambrogi are small-sized ovens, easy to install and highly professional. They are widely used by private individuals seeking a professional home oven that will be at the centre of successful gatherings with friends and family.

Jolly ovens are not only the ideal piece of equipment for baking fragrant pizzas, but – thanks to the materials used – they are also perfect for cooking bread, focaccia, meat and other dishes.

Taking up limited space, these small professional ovens can be installed in the kitchen or the basement. They can also be installed outdoors on the terrace or in the garden.

Their moderate dimensions make Jolly ovens particularly suitable for mobile pizzerias, catering services and street food. These small professional ovens can be mounted on trailers or installed in trucks for itinerant pizzerias.

Ambrogi’s Jolly ovens are also ideal for small restaurants or bars wishing to extend their menu with pizza and other dishes that require special cooking with wood.

When space is limited but you don’t want to sacrifice professional service, we present our Jolly model. It’s the smallest in our range and therefore the most compact, manoeuvrable and adaptable, giving the best solution for your restaurant business. Used on a daily basis, it can reach operating temperature in just a few minutes. The Jolly assures low running costs and allows up to 3 pizzas to be cooked at the same time. Fired by wood or gas, this model guarantees perfect cooking of pizza, bread or other dishes.

This small-size oven is also ideal for adding a range of gluten-free pizzas to your existing menu.