forno per pizzeria ambrogi Mod. napoli

NAPOLI and pizza, the perfect combination

With its unmistakable Neapolitan-style domed roof, this is an extremely attractive professional pizza oven.

Like all the other Ambrogi ovens, it proves that the classic fixed oven is the best tried-and-tested solution for professional pizza cooking. Designed to meet any type of need, the Napoli is made using a special combination of raw materials that guarantee exceptional durability and even cooking. What’s more, it prevents temperature drops and heat dispersion, ensuring minimum fuel consumption.

Extremely striking in appearance, our Napoli pizza oven features the unmistakable and classic Neapolitan dome-shaped roof. The Napoli is completely insulated and attractively clad in copper, with a built-in stainless-steel threshold.

This oven that can be aesthetically customized with different materials

In order to meet our customers’ needs, we have a range of mosaic designs available, to make your oven unique and personalized. The elegant combination of steel, copper and mosaic, with its iridescent shades, makes this oven the centerpiece in any venue.

The Napoli is assembled directly in your restaurant or pizzeria by our specialist staff. Alternatively, where we are unable to get to you, we can assemble the oven at our factory and ship it to you ready to use. And it’s also ideal for locations where we’re unable to install it ourselves. You just need to connect the flue! The oven comes with a metal stand and can be transported using a forklift and/or manual pallet truck.

The size and shape of the mouth are proportional to the size of the oven, to ensure minimum fuel consumption and maximum performance. On request, a round version is available. We can advise you which is more appropriate, on the basis of your working practices and the type of pizza you plan to serve.

The threshold is a useful stainless-steel shelf on the front of the oven, just large enough to allow optimum handling of pizzas. Larger thresholds can be fitted for the production of tray or larger pizzas.

Construction materials are guaranteed and certified for the specific purpose of food cooking; furthermore, they ensure exceptional performance and thus optimization of consumption.

Like any other Ambrogi oven, mod. Naples is built entirely using safe, durable materials which always give excellent performance.

The high quality of the materials is a fundamental feature of these ovens, which work constantly every day in pizzerias and require guaranteed simplicity in terms of operation and maintenance.