Pizza: love at first sight

According to an article published by Global Voices, pizza is the favourite food of Italians, followed by pasta, fish and desserts.

On a global level, pizza is the most commonly eaten food, after rice. Although we believe that it’s deservedly the most-loved food of all.

This is a delight that Italy has the absolute monopoly on. Pizza, alongside spaghetti and other specialities, are traditional Italian dishes known all over the world.

Why do we love pizza so much?

The answer lies in the very nature of pizza: its delicious authentic flavour and aroma make it a truly special thing. From a nutritional angle too, it’s unique, and often features in weight-loss diets.

What are the ingredients for great pizza?

The raw materials: water and flour must be of good quality to ensure a perfect mixture which will rise well and give a really fabulous pizza.

The proving: essential for a pizza that’s light and easy to digest.

The basic ingredients: tomato, mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil. Thes must be top quality, meticulously selected, fresh and supplied by the best producers.

The oven: cooking in a wood oven – and increasingly in gas these days – gives the pizza optimum quality. However, you need to understand the correct temperatures and how to go about cooking pizza.

Happiness: whether it’s a takeaway or eaten in the pizzeria, pizza is one of the symbols of an evening spent with friends or family.

Isn’t it one of the pleasures of life to enjoy the intense flavour and aroma of pizza, with eyes, nose and taste?


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We’re happy that we’ve contributed to the success of pizza!