Ambrogi wood ovens can also be fuelled by gas.

There’s no doubt that tradition demands a wood oven for pizzas, and for many years all our engineering attention was focused on this.

Cooking pizzas with wood is a timeless method, universally recognised and always in demand.

But recently there has been a significant shift in demand towards gas-fuelled ovens.

This may be due to particular technical criteria or personal preference. Moreover, in some countries wood is not easy to source.

Gas cooking is becoming increasingly attractive. By installing a gas burner inside our pizza ovens, we can avoid soot, ash and difficulties with storing wood, and gain practicality. Ease of use is guaranteed by intuitive electronic temperature controls.

With a gas burner in an Ambrogi pizza oven, cooking will be exactly the same as in a wood oven.

All our ovens can work with gas. The gas burner can be installed directly in new ovens, or retrofitted in existing ovens.

Our valuable experience in the construction of high-performance wood and gas ovens allows us to combine tradition and technology.