You just need to say its name to put a smile on people’s faces and add happiness to a meal: yes, we’re talking about pizza.
The quintessential Italian dish, loved and exported all over the world, which began with the simplest Margherita but now appears with countless varieties and toppings.

But we all know that if you want a pizza with fabulous quality and unique flavour, you need more than great ingredients; the oven it’s cooked in is equally important.

Professional pizza ovens are seen as a vitally important part of any professional pizzeria, whether it’s producing classic pizzas, Naples-style pizzas or tray pizzas.
Italy not only has the great fortune to be the home of pizza and of high-quality ingredients; it’s also the birthplace of one of the world’s best manufacturers of professional ovens: Ambrogi.

Ambrogi is an artisan company that has been building traditional wood and gas ovens since way back in 1939. Thanks to its wealth of experience and its ability to adapt to today’s new technologies, the company can now offer an extensive range of excellent-quality pizza ovens which guarantee perfect cooking and minimal energy consumption.

Pizza ovens from Ambrogi – a company you can trust.

Every professional pizza chef is well aware that using a professional oven that’s specially built for pizzas is vitally important if they’re looking for fantastic results.

There’s no doubt that putting your trust in Ambrogi when choosing a professional pizza oven is the right decision.
Ambrogi professional gas and wood ovens are genuine masterpieces: artefacts whose every detail is meticulously studied and designed to allow pizza chefs to offer their customers unparalleled quality.

Ambrogi offers its clients the great advantage of supplying a wide range of professional ovens of different models and sizes, in order to meet all the needs and preferences of professional pizza chefs.

Every oven produced by Ambrogi is built entirely using safe, durable materials which always give excellent performance.
The high quality of the materials is a fundamental feature of these ovens, which work constantly every day in pizzerias and require guaranteed simplicity in terms of operation and maintenance.

Ambrogi’s secret lies in our enormous passion and long experience in the production of professional pizza ovens, and the care that goes into every tiny detail, from the planning stage to the final execution of every product.

Nothing is left to chance: our wood fired and gas fired  ovens are meticulously designed and built to guarantee perfect functioning for many years and low energy consumption.

Built at the Ambrogi headquarters in Milan and exported to more than 70 countries around the world, these ovens stand out for their distinctive characteristics, which can be summarised as follows:

– Suitable materials: the cooking chamber is made entirely in refractory material, and for each size of oven, the dome and the central opening are built in such a way that optimises performance and ensures even distribution of heat inside the oven.

The presence of a large amount of refractory material under the cooking surface helps to prevent cooling and temperature fluctuations during working hours, meaning the quality of the pizzas is not compromised.

– Simplicity and technology: Ambrogi focuses particularly on combining advanced new technologies with the authenticity and simplicity that characterise the brand.
The design of the pizza ovens, their simple installation and the option of customisation make them a striking part of the decor in any setting, as well as a totally reliable piece of equipment.

One of the great advantages of Ambrogi wood fired and gas fired pizza ovens is their minimal need for maintenance and their extremely long life, while always keeping quality and performance high.

Ambrogi pays particular attention to the needs and requirements of individual clients, identifying the most appropriate solution for every situation, whether it’s a restaurant or a pizzeria.

Everything you need to know about Ambrogi wood and gas pizza ovens.

Ambrogi pizza ovens were originally designed to be wood-fired, but in response to growing demand from customers, they can now also be fuelled by gas, to suit the needs of every professional chef.

Wood is the traditional, best-known and most popular way of cooking pizza, and it gives the pizza a unique and unmistakable flavour.
Over the years, the basic construction of the pizza oven has remained practically identical, but innovative technologies have been added.

Despite the fact that Italian pizzas are traditionally cooked in a wood oven, in recent years the demand for – and sales of – gas ovens have undergone considerable growth.
Obviously, the wood-fuelled pizza oven remains timeless and universally popular, but gas ovens are also finding space on the market.

Gas cooking is increasingly attractive to some professional chefs, as it eliminates the problems of soot and ash and because in some countries it is difficult to source a sufficient amount of firewood.
To overcome these issues, a gas burner is installed in the oven, along with an electronic temperature control mechanism which is intuitive and easy to use.

Thanks to the installation of gas burners, Ambrogi can guarantee that cooking in this type of pizza oven gives results which are equally homogenous and high quality as in a wood-fuelled oven.

All the models produced by Ambrogi can be adapted to work with gas by the addition of a burner, which can be fitted in existing ovens as well as completely new ones.
The company’s vast and valuable experience in the production of superb quality wood and gas ovens leads to this perfect combination of tradition and technology.

Going back to wood fired ovens, as previously mentioned, nowadays these are built using materials that give far better performance than in the past, while retaining the original structure of the oven.
Ambrogi is very keen to respect this tradition, and this is why we continue to include a series of distinctive features in our ovens. These include:

– The dome: this is a dome made in refractory material whose main function is to reach extremely high temperatures and maintain these constantly and efficiently.

– The mouth of the oven: this is the central aperture through which the pizzas are put in and taken out.

– The cooking surface: where the pizzas are placed to cook; this is made in extremely hardwearing refractory material.
This is an essential element, since the surface must be able to withstand wear and tear because the oven is constantly in use.

All the materials used in the construction of Ambrogi ovens – whether wood or gas fired – must be of top quality in order to guarantee an extremely high level of performance, as well as durability and considerable energy savings.

Ambrogi ovens meet all these criteria, making them ideal for cooking traditional, Neapolitan or tray pizzas.
All the processes needed in the construction of ovens are carried out at our premises in Milan, starting with the metalwork and continuing right through to the final assembly, resulting in an exceptional and perfectly functioning product.

What’s more, in addition to design, manufacture and assembly, Ambrogi also takes care of the installation of the finished product in the pizzeria.

Not to mention everything involved in sales and after-sale assistance, which the Ambrogi staff attend scrupulously, always ensuring that clients are entirely happy with the product.

What makes Ambrogi ovens so durable?

The astonishing and undisputed longevity of Ambrogi ovens is primarily due to two fundamental factors: the design and the selection of appropriate raw materials.

Before embarking on the creation of a wood or gas pizza oven, we carry out a detailed planning process, taking into consideration all the elements necessary to make an exceptional oven.
We also focus on selecting the best and most suitable materials to ensure optimum functioning.

Indeed, every oven follows in the tradition of wood cooking and does not require continuous and demanding maintenance, making them perfect and able to meet all professional and domestic needs while guaranteeing maximum efficiency in all situations.

Heat retention and optimum yield are facilitated by the use of refractory bricks, the thermal flywheel effect and a solid structure, which all help the oven to reach a temperature that remains constant, along with a dome designed with a specific curved shape.

Thanks to this meticulous care and attention to detail in the design of ovens and the research and testing of the best materials, Ambrogi can boast of being one of the best-known and sought-after names in the sector.
Clients who rely on us have a solid guarantee of an excellent quality product which will not disappoint and will last for many years.

This is an extremely important feature for professional pizza chefs, who need a product that does not require constant maintenance or replacement after a short time, but which can be used on a daily basis in the knowledge that it will last.

Ambrogi pizza ovens

All Ambrogi ovens are made entirely by hand by our well-trained and highly qualified team, guaranteeing the level of quality our faithful clients expect and fully respecting the company’s almost one hundred years of tradition.

Every Ambrogi oven gives the guarantee of a product that’s entirely Made in Italy using 100% certified Italian materials and in accordance with Italian artisan standards.

But that’s not all: Ambrogi ovens are also known and loved for their unique and unmistakable design.
Their attractive and compact elegance makes them instantly recognisable and ideal for any setting, from the most classic to the most modern.
Moreover, the various models can solve often tricky problems such as bulkiness, and allow customers to find the appropriate solution even where space is limited.

The huge selection of products in different sizes and shapes means Ambrogi ovens can be installed both in existing settings and when a new restaurant is being fitted.

The choice of copper, stainless steel or mosaic cladding allows clients to opt for the model they believe is most suitable for their decor; alternatively, it is possible to finish the ovens to their own design, adding a unique and completely customised touch to their venue.

The range of Ambrogi professional pizza ovens includes the following excellent models:

1) Amalfi
2) Napoli
3) Gran Napoli
4) Festival
5) Universal
6) Mec 80
7) Jolly Grezzo
8) Jolly Rifinito
9) Jolly Napoli

What all these Ambrogi ovens have in common is their construction by qualified experts, who always pay close attention to the choice of raw materials.
The company’s consolidated expertise and decades of experience, and the combination of Italian artisan tradition and the use of innovative cutting-edge technologies, results in finished products that are durable and have excellent cooking properties, prevent heat loss and fluctuations and, last but not least, ensure truly minimal energy consumption.

Versatility and adaptability are further advantages of Ambrogi ovens.

Ambrogi ovens were originally designed for professional use in restaurants and pizzerias, and this remains the case today, but they can also be used in different settings.

Their versatility makes them perfect, for example, for public events and catering; they are also ideal for outdoor installation, either in a restaurant or a private terrace or garden.

So there is no doubt that Ambrogi produces wood and gas ovens to exceptional quality standards, and this has led to the brand’s long-lasting success in Italy and around the world.
A success that encourages us to never stop, to continue improving all the time and aim ever higher.

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