Pizza in the age of Coronavirus

During this period of restrictions, we’re rediscovering the value of family time. We’re trying to find joy and pleasure in the small things in life, and what better than a delicious pizza to bring happiness. Men, women and children have discovered the enjoyment to be found in combining a few ingredients and making a great pizza dough. The only thing missing for fabulous results is the perfect pizza oven, and that’s where Ambrogi comes in.

We’re at your service to show you our Jolly range of ovens. Small professional wood and gas ovens for your garden, dining room or terrace.

Our thoughts are not only with private individuals, but also – and especially – with restaurateurs at this time of crisis. It will take time to get back to normal, but little by little we’re venturing out again and businesses are gradually starting to open.

What is certain is that in the age of Coronavirus the demand for home delivery food has increased, and pizza is the number-one choice in Italy and around the world. In fact, even with the difficulties, pizzerias that got organised have continued to work.

For some, takeaways were already an established service; others have been forced to adapt to the new demand.

Recent weeks have also seen a rise in requests for takeaway premises, where customers can order dinner and eat at home.

Although we too have had to comply with the restrictions, we’ve never stopped recommending the best pre-assembled pizza ovens to meet your needs.

Here at Ambrogi we’ve always believed in pizza and we’re convinced that despite the troubled times we’re all going through, pizzerias can be the driver of a renaissance in the restaurant trade.

We’re at your disposal for advice or quotes, to help you choose the wood or gas fuelled pizza oven that’s best suited to you.