Prefabricated wood and gas ovens.  Professional and beautiful

 For many decades, Ambrogi pizza ovens have been a symbol of Italian tradition, while always keeping the focus on high-quality materials and aesthetics. We’re proud to carry our country’s name in the world, in the knowledge that our products can be found in the trattoria of the smallest Italian village and the luxury restaurants of the greatest international cities. At the heart of a famous pizzeria or in the garden of a private home, our pizza ovens are instantly recognisable.

Our respect for Italian craftsmanship, combined with constant research and improvement to our processes, ensures the superb quality our customers expect. We cater for every pizza-making need with our meticulous selection of raw materials: a specific combination that guarantees exceptional durability and excellent cooking quality, while preventing heat loss or dispersion and minimising fuel consumption.

Our unparalleled professionalism is also devoted to the finished product, and this is why all our pre-assembled pizza ovens are unique, beautiful, elegant, compact, traditional and suitable for any working environment, from the classic to the modern. The original, recognisable design of our products has always been a strength for us and for you, and the undisputedly renowned quality associated with the Ambrogi name will immediately indicate the level of service you aim to provide your customers.

The wide choice of models available solves the problem of space, positioning and installation in new or existing premises. The huge variety of different sizes means our pre-assembled pizza ovens can be installed in any existing space or can be the central point for a new layout. Browse our cladding choices, from all-over stainless steel to copper panels in different finishes and decide which will look best in your decor scheme. Our customers really like our mosaic-tiled models; genuine works of art. Alternatively, thanks to their excellent insulation, our ovens can be decorated as you prefer, making them completely bespoke and unique.

As specialists in professional pizza ovens for the production of traditional, Neapolitan or tray pizzas, we are in a position to offer you the best advice regarding the size and shape of the threshold and the mouth of your oven.