Ambrogi is an established and traditional Milanese firm that has developed a successful solution for cooking Neapolitan-style pizza. Since 1939 Ambrogi have been manufacturing professional wood and gas-fired ovens for pizzerias and restaurants in Italy and selling them worldwide. Ambrogi ovens are the result of decades of experience and are made in the best Italian artisan tradition. Ambrogi ovens are suitable for cooking Neapolitan-style pizzas, traditional pizzas and tray pizzas.

All the processes needed for the construction of ovens take place in-house, from metalworking to the formation and assembly of the ovens and the preparation of fireproof materials etc. Furthermore, our highly specialised staff take care of the installation and start-up of the finished product in restaurants and pizzerias.

The members of the Ambrogi family take personal charge of the design, artisan production and assembly of the ovens. Sales and after-sales assistance are also followed with particular attention to customers’ needs. Each oven is built entirely by hand by a highly-qualified team i the respect for Italian artisan tradition. The materials are always of the highest quality and ensure the best performance, maximum energy savings and the longevity of our ovens. The production is constantly improving by adopting new technical innovations

Ambrogi ovens are recognisable at a glance. The cylindrical shape of our ovens gives them a special elegance and allows the mouth to be positioned for maximum convenience in relation to the worktop. The design of the Ambrogi ovens is suitable for any working space, from classic to modern.

Consolidated know-how and decades of experience are our best guarantee.



The cylindrical shape of our ovens gives them a special elegance and allows the mouth to be positioned for maximum convenience in relation to the worktop. It also allows the oven to be rotated as required for installation even in a corner, to suit the decor, make the pizza chef’s work easier and maximising use of space.


The height and curve of the dome are precisely studied to optimise both heat circulation and energy consumption. Domes are made in vibrated refractory concrete with high aluminium cement.

Having spent forty years building ovens with hand-made cooking chambers, our domes have been newly-designed. We have improved our systems of working with fireproof concrete to prevent the dome being damaged by wear and tear. In addition, modern techniques make it possible to adapt the interior shape of the dome to improve the performance of the oven.

Our selection of materials allows the optimum temperature to be retained for longer and distributed evenly throughout the cooking chamber.

Our technologies and production processes prevent sudden changes in temperature and ensure excellent durability.

Cooking surface

The cooking surface in Ambrogi ovens is made in refractory bricks sintered at very high temperature.

The thickness of the blocks means maximum heat can be stored, and then released continuously and evenly across the entire surface. The amount of heat absorbed by the blocks allows pizzas to be cooked without interruption.

The solid cooking surface is assembled carefully and accurately, avoiding movements of the blocks, which over time could cause unevenness.

Thermal flywheel

A large amount of suitable material is placed under the cooking surface, guaranteeing a source of stored heat in order to prevent the cooling or temperature changes during operation.


Effective materials ensure perfect insulation and maintain a constant temperature and consequent energy savings.

Insulation of the cooking chamber and surface prevent waste, as the heat produced by the oven is directed solely to maximum efficiency in cooking pizzas.


The size and shape of the opening are proportional to the size of the oven, to ensure minimum fuel use and greatest efficiency.


The undisputed and sometimes surprising longevity of our ovens is due to two key factors: skilful design and constant experimentation to choose the raw materials suitable for the correct and optimal functioning of the product.
All our products respect the full tradition of wood cooking, do not require maintenance, are suitable to meet the needs of every professional or home, ensure maximum efficiency and a net fuel saving.

Refractory bricks, effective insulation and massive structure, prevent any heat dispersion optimizing the yield. Thanks to the particular internal curvature of the dome, a natural air flow is created so as to create a uniform temperature inside the oven, thus obtaining a homogeneous cooking.

Between the cooking hob and the insulating material there is a refractory conglomerate for the accumulation of heat (thermal flywheel) so as to keep the environment around the oven itself and the ground at normal temperature without sudden changes even to continuous work.

Used daily, the oven will always remain hot. This feature greatly reduces both the timing and the amount of fuel needed to bring it back to operating temperature.


Unique, design, elegant, compact and suitable for any work environment, from the most classic to the most modern.
The aesthetics of our ovens is ideal to be left exposed as it is also thanks to the different types of finishes and processes that we can adopt.

Besides timeless and famous coating in steel and smooth copper, we offer some alternatives of copper processing and mosaic finishes for some models.
The ovens are perfectly insulated to prevent heat loss, allowing you to further cover the oven, with plasterboard, panels or other materials to better adapt it to your room.


Ambrogi ovens are born for wood firing but at your request it is possible to have them with natural gas or LPG.

Wood cooking

It is the traditional pizza cooking and universally recognized, the most requested.

Gas cooking

A cooking that is increasingly appreciated. Soot, ashes and wood storage are avoided.

The burner installed in the oven is simple to use thanks to the intuitive control panel of the same



Forno a legna Ambrogi
Forno a gas Ambrogi


Ambrogi ovens always have been and always will be professional products for pizzerias and restaurants. But this does not prevent their use in other settings, to meet the needs of every individual customer.

Food Trucks

We offer the perfect professional wood-fired oven for your business on wheels. On request, we have certain models that can be adapted to suit your specific needs. Wood or gas-fired, our ovens ensure low running costs and are highly resistant to the vibrations caused by travelling.

Show Cooking and Catering

Thanks to our unmistakable reputation and brand recognition, we often receive requests to appear at public events. For this kind of work, and to make moving and positioning the oven easier, we have specially-designed models which retain all the professional characteristics and will enable you to put on an excellent show. Available in wood or gas versions, these models ensure low running costs and excellent performance.


All Ambrogi ovens can meet your needs for outdoor installation, whether in a private garden or the terrace of a restaurant. The only requirement is that there should be adequate protection from the weather, under a roof or a similar cover.

Professional cooking in small spaces – special services

When space is limited but you don’t want to sacrifice professional service, we suggest our Jolly model. It’s the smallest in our range and therefore the most compact, manoeuvrable and adaptable, giving the best solution for your restaurant business. Used on a daily basis, it can reach operating temperature in just 30 minutes. The Jolly assures low running costs and allows up to 3 pizzas to be cooked at the same time. Fired by wood or gas, this model guarantees perfect cooking of pizza, bread or other dishes.

This size of oven is ideal for adding a range of gluten-free pizzas to your existing menu.

Domestic use.

For your family lunches, barbecues and outdoor cooking, or for pizza with friends we suggest Jolly ovens.

Thanks to its moderate size, this little professional oven is ready to be built into the decor of your kitchen or dining room. It is also suitable for outdoor installation on the terrace or in the garden.


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