Which is your pizza?

There are pizzas of every kind to suit all tastes: there’s probably no-one who doesn’t like pizza, although everyone has their own favourites.

A good Neapolitan pizza, made simply with tomato and fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and excellent quality mozzarella, is one of the best-loved, partly for its soft dough and delicious crust.

Some like “stretched” pizza: flat, wide and crispy. It’s valued for its lightness, crispness and ease of digestion.

Some prefer a “deep-pan” or Chicago-style pizza: this has a thick base similar to focaccia, and a smaller diameter. Irresistible for anyone who loves bread!

Some people like either kind of dough, but opt for a base made with wholemeal or kamut flour: sometimes this is because of dietary intolerance, sometimes simply to try something different.

Some people only eat pizza cooked in a wood oven, and others only like it cooked with gas: apparently the type of cooking affects the end result, so much so that some people can immediately tell which type of oven has been used.

There are traditionalists who choose the same pizza every time: they love certain ingredients and have no intention of changing; on the other hand there are the samplers, who try out a different pizza every time, because they believe it’s a pity not to taste all the different varieties.

Lastly, there are those who love simple pizzas, like margherita, marinara or a simple mushroom or vegetable option; and those who like their pizza laden with everything delicious, from smoked sausage to onions, spicy salami, fish or even chips.

Ambrogi professional ovens are suitable for cooking every kind of pizza.

Always attentive to our clients’ needs, we design and manufacture professional wood and gas-fired ovens which combine easy of use, perfect cooking and maximum performance, guaranteeing excellent results for any kind of pizza.

So, which is your pizza?