Why choose Ambrogi

Ambrogi has been in business for eighty years, our pizza ovens are present in more than 70 countries worldwide and our clients are extremely satisfied and loyal. There are several reasons for our longstanding success:

We produce wood and gas ovens with superior quality standards, allowing professionals to work easily and with very low fuel consumption.

Because we use carefully selected, top-quality refractory materials, we guarantee greater yield in cooking, optimise performance, reduce energy costs and – last but not least – ensure that every oven has a long life.

Always focused on our clients’ needs, we constantly update the design and development of our ovens, enabling us to maintain the combination of simple use, perfect cooking and maximum performance.

Constant innovation in construction processes and the expertise to meet any specific requirement, whether aesthetic or operational, means that our name has always been synonymous with reliability and competitiveness.

Our wood and gas ovens are the result of decades of experience, and are made entirely in the Italian artisan tradition. Carried out rigorously by hand by our specialised staff, the entire production process for each oven undergoes regular checks for yield and solidity.

Thanks to the selection of materials, the shape of the cooking chamber, our long experience and the recommendations of our satisfied customers, today Ambrogi is in its third generation, and its wood and gas ovens for pizzerias and restaurants are increasingly known, appreciated and requested all over the world.

To ensure that Ambrogi remains a world leader in the sector, we employ highly qualified staff in all our departments. Moreover, members of the Ambrogi family take personal charge of the design, artisan production and final assembly of the ovens. The sales stage and after-sales assistance are also carefully and professionally executed, meaning we can repay our clients’ loyalty by guaranteeing the best solutions on the market.