Anyone thinking of opening a restaurant business has no choice but to take on a number of costs. Some of the equipment purchased will have to guarantee durability, maximum quality, completely safe operation and excellent performance, and the most important item of all is undoubtedly the wood-fired pizza oven.

It’s inevitable that the wood fired or gas fired oven becomes the real heart of the pizzeria, and that its performance and cooking capacity determines the quality of the pizzas served.

But how much does a wood or gas pizza oven cost?

Oven prices obviously vary greatly, to suit the widely varied demands of customers and the numerous brands on the market. So when we ask ‘how much does a pizza oven cost?‘, the first question should always be ‘what do we expect the oven to do?’

There are a series of parameters which must be considered, as they have a clear impact on the characteristics of the product and thus on its price.

  • How many pizzas will my oven need to produce, on average, in a working day?
  • How much space does my restaurant have for the oven?
  • How many covers does the restaurant have?
  • What’s the average flow of customers?
  • What type of pizzas do I want to produce? Classic? Tray? By the meter?

So it’s easy to see why the price of a wood-fired pizza oven can vary widely, depending on the needs and expectations of the business.


As we have mentioned, the price of a wood-fired oven varies according to its characteristics:

  • Size
  • Quality of materials and finishes
  • Desired output
  • Fuel consumption
  • Maintenance required

Ambrogi has been building high-quality wood and gas ovens for pizzerias at moderate prices for decades.

The savings guaranteed by Ambrogi are not merely associated with our highly competitive prices, but above all with the advantages of ovens which can optimize energy consumption and generate considerable savings.

Ambrogi is the Italian brand leader in the design and manufacture of wood-fired ovens for restaurants, pizzerias and even private users.

All Ambrogi professional ovens represent utter excellence in the sector. If you’re wondering about the price of an exceptional-quality wood or gas oven, designed to last the lifetime of your business, we recommend getting in touch with the Ambrogi team of advisors now, to find the perfect solution for your business.

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