Choose your pizza oven carefully

Pizza is a showpiece and a source of pride for the whole of Italy, a gastronomic tradition that’s loved and valued all over the world. A humble dish, awarded World Heritage status by Unesco.

Anyone can make a pizza, but if you need professional results it’s essential to use the right equipment. The success of any restaurant lies in the quality of the products it serves its customers, and that’s why anyone who owns a pizzeria knows that it’s crucial to choose the right oven in order to ensure optimum results.

A true pizza oven should be built the traditional, artisan way and possess all the qualities and functions that meet every pizza-making need. Performance, fast and even cooking and extreme durability in an essential piece of pizzeria equipment are the prerogative of a meticulously built pizza oven.

Who else but the Ambrogi family, specialists in the manufacture of Neapolitan-style pizza ovens for over eighty years, has the necessary experience to guarantee the best pizza oven on the market?

Each wood or gas-fired oven is entirely built by our specialist team in the traditional Italian way. Every one of our products, whether for professional or domestic use, is designed to ensure optimum functionality, excellent results and low fuel consumption. The materials we use are top quality, and ensure impeccable cooking, maximum energy saving and enviable durability.

We are constantly seeking to meet the needs of our numerous customers in Italy and abroad, and in recent years we have introduced a variation on the timeless and traditional wood-fired pizza oven. On request, we can adapt our pre-assembled ovens by adding a gas burner, so that you can opt for this type of fuel. An alternative that has several advantages but does not impact on the quality of the pizza.