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A properly-cooked pizza requires a professional wood or gas oven built using top-quality materials and cutting-edge design. And with 80 years’ experience behind us, at Ambrogi we put all our tradition and knowhow into the construction of professional wood and gas ovens, artefacts designed and built entirely by the company. With our history of quality and prestige – typical artisan values that perfectly encapsulate Made in Italy perfection – Ambrogi’s primary objective is to allow our clients in the restaurant sector to produce excellent pizzas, thanks to the perfectly even cooking enabled by the surface and the entire cooking chamber.

Ambrogi’s core business is the construction of professional ovens. Our product range includes several models and many different sizes, in order to fully meet customers’ requirements, which have become increasingly exacting over the years.

Ovens built by us.

The common denominator of Ambrogi professional pizza ovens is their excellent quality, arising from the Made in Italy artisan tradition, whose cornerstones are top-quality raw materials and attention to detail. Our products are genuine treasures, built entirely by hand by our team of highly specialised experts.

All the processes involved in the manufacture of our professional ovens are carried out on our premises. Everything is done on site, from metalwork to construction and assembly, from the fine-tuning of refractory and structural materials to the installation and start-up of finished professional ovens in pizzerias and restaurants. Ambrogi can boast several decades of experience in this field.

And everything is supervised fully by our team, from the selection of materials to the manual production, assembly, sales and – last but not least – after-sales care. Our clients are our most important resource, and their needs are our top priority. And this precisely is the credo of our company philosophy.

Ambrogi ovens are recognizable at first sight. The starting point is their outer appearance, characteristically compact and able to enhance any workplace. Special finishes and decoration make our products truly unique and pleasing to the eye. And it is this, their appearance, that means our ovens can happily be left visible, just as they are. The unique copper and steel structure of an Ambrogi oven makes it instantly recognisable.

Excellent quality materials

Every Ambrogi professional oven stands out for its safe and superb quality materials, meaning it can provide exceptional performance and withstand the rigours of time and use. The latter is critically importance, because restaurants and pizzerias work every day.

Specialist materials used in Ambrogi professional pizza ovens include refractory tiles for the cooking surfaces and special materials used in the domes, making them perfectly able to withstand the most extreme temperatures.

By selecting the world’s best raw materials and carrying out preliminary analyses, we are able to offer refractory surfaces which can handle even the highest temperatures. This makes them ideal for cooking different kinds of pizza (classic, Neapolitan, tray pizzas etc). Our cooking surfaces are characterised by their robustness and meticulous attention to detail at the assembly stage: the tiles are not susceptible to movement which, over time, could create unevenness in the surface and make maintenance far more expensive. Furthermore, beneath the tiles is a thermal flywheel; in other words a large quantity of refractory material which allows the heat to remain constant.

Ambrogi pizza ovens are perfectly insulated.


In terms of the shape of the professional wood or gas (methane or LPG) ovens marketed by Ambrogi for many years, even the smallest detail is studied: the cylindrical shape is truly the essence of elegance, but also functionality, since it allows the mouth of the oven to be positioned according to the layout of the workstation and, in particular, for the convenience of the worker. Our professional ovens can also be rotated as our clients prefer and placed in a corner position to optimise space and allow the pizza chef to optimise his or her work.

Along with the size of the opening, enormous attention is also paid to the height and curve of the dome, which are directly proportional to the size of the oven so that the end result is always excellent: the perfect temperature and even cooking. Exactly what’s needed for a light, delicious pizza.

The design of Ambrogi professional ovens is perfectly adaptable to any setting, from more classic styles to the most trendy decor. Moreover, wherever possible, installation is carried out by the Ambrogi team.

Optimising energy consumption

But the crowning glory of Ambrogi wood and gas (methane or LPG) ovens lies in their optimisation of energy use. Consumption is significantly reduced.

Our company philosophy is to aim for constant improvement in our products, and we invest more each year to achieve this. Our products are therefore improving all the time, and the new techniques we use mean that every pizza brought to the table is of the very highest quality.


Maintenance is extremely simple, almost non-existent.

Why choose an Ambrogi professional oven?

Choosing an Ambrogi professional wood or gas oven brings a whole series of benefits, both for the quality of the pizzas served and in terms of costs, because your energy bills will be drastically reduced. This is immediately obvious when it comes to the consumption of gas.

What’s behind this considerable reduction in energy use and therefore costs?

Thanks to special insulation which retains almost all the heat from the previous evening, when used daily, the oven is ready to use in a matter of minutes. This feature considerably reduces both the time and the amount of fuel needed to bring the oven back to temperature.

Refractory bricks, efficient insulation and solid structure prevent any heat dispersion, further optimising the oven’s performance.

In summary, our unparalleled expertise in selecting high-quality refractory materials, their specific combination and the intelligent design of our ovens give fantastic results, optimising performance and reducing energy costs.


Excellent quality raw materials, the highest safety standards, super-low energy use, simple maintenance, long life and superb performance. Everything it takes to create professional pizza ovens fuelled by wood or gas: art, tradition and technology combine in a single solution which makes Ambrogi the number one brand. Backed by more than 80 years of experience, there’s no better guarantee to offer our wonderfully loyal customers.

Bespoke solutions for your pizzeria or restaurant. Choose the professional oven that’s best suited to your specific needs!

Contact the Ambrogi team to find out more or get a simple online quote. Absolutely free of charge and with no commitment.

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