The unparalleled flavour of pizza cooked in a professional oven

professional pizza oven

Pizza is the best-known Italian dish in the world, and this is no accident, as its flavour stays in the mind and the heart, not just because of excellent ingredients, but also due to the professional pizza ovens used to cook it.
The art of pizza making is now rooted in the food culture of the Bel Paese, and here at Ambrogi we’ve turned it into a matter of pride, creating an item that’s indispensable for the preparation of this delicious food.

Professional gas and wood-fired pizza ovens

Every pizzeria that seeks a reputation for the quality of its pizzas has undoubtedly chosen a professional gas or wood oven – like those made by Ambrogi –  to get the best results and make its customers happy.
Ambrogi’s tradition of constructing professional pizza ovens is more than 80 years old, confirming the excellent quality of our products, which are exported all over the world.

Ambrogi ovens are designed and built using appropriate materials and techniques for cooking pizzas – classic, tray or Neapolitan, pizzas with deep sides, fresh tomato, basil and Campania buffalo mozzarella, all excellent Italian products.

The quality of Ambrogi ovens

Ambrogi professional wood and gas-fired pizza ovens guarantee undeniable added value for restaurants that choose them, because they are made using refractory materials that can reach temperatures of up to 500°C in a very short time.
This means a delicious Margherita can be ready in less than a minute.

However, the outer walls of the oven remain cool, thanks to the special insulation system, and this enables chefs to work without noticing the high temperature, in optimum conditions to excel at their task.
Ambrogi professional wood and gas-fired pizza ovens are not only high quality, they also last for many years, even with intensive use.
We should also mention the tasteful design of these professional wood and gas-fired pizza ovens, because the eye also appreciates the beauty and harmony of their shapes and colours.
The guarantee of excellence is partly due to the fact that Ambrogi ovens are entirely manufactured at our factory in Milan, so they are genuine Made in Italy products.

The flavour pf pizza from Ambrogi professional gas ovens

Many people wonder whether the flavour of pizza cooked in a gas oven is different to that cooked in a wood oven.
In the case of Ambrogi ovens, the answer is no, the flavour is not at all changed or affected.
The secret lies in the cooking, which in both cases happens with a direct flame and, thanks to the shape of the cooking chamber, the heat distribution is even, always guaranteeing the unmistakable flavour of a classic or Neapolitan pizza: aromatic, fragrant and light.
The option of using Ambrogi professional gas-fired pizza ovens to cook with wood is confirmation of our desire to maintain the tradition of cooking this celebrated Italian dish.