High yield and low consumption

napoli oven mosaic by ambrogi forni


In a world that’s increasingly focused on ecology and the environment, the production process for Ambrogi pizza ovens has always been geared to sustainability.

Constant innovation in manufacture and attention to market trends mean that our name has always been synonymous with reliability, quality and competitiveness.

Besides our meticulous manufacture of the finished product, we pursue the highest quality standards so that our customers can work easily and with low fuel consumption.

The tried and tested design of our domes optimises the effectiveness and refraction of heat over the cooking surface, ensuring that a single source heats both, resulting in even cooking. Moreover, the special thermal flywheel system under the refractory cooking surface prevents temperature drops in the surface, even when the oven is working at full capacity.

The insulation and the shape of the cooking chamber and surface therefore eliminate energy waste and keep the temperature constant, ensuring that the heat produced by the pizza oven is directed solely to cooking.

Thanks to special insulation which retains almost all the heat from the previous evening, when used daily, the oven is ready to use in a matter of minutes. This feature considerably reduces both the time and the amount of fuel needed to bring the oven back to temperature.

Refractory bricks, efficient insulation and solid structure prevent any heat dispersion, further optimising the oven’s performance.

In summary, our unparalleled expertise in selecting high-quality refractory materials, their specific combination and the intelligent design of our ovens give fantastic results, optimising performance and reducing energy costs.


For decades, our attention was focused wholly on traditional and classic wood-fired cooking. Our products are designed to use a very small amount of wood per day, resulting in significant savings in terms of costs and emissions and making our pizza ovens a sustainable choice.

Cooking pizzas with wood is timeless, universally recognised and always in demand but, in response to our customers’ requests and environmental concerns, in recent years we have also specialised in gas-fuelled ovens.

Our valuable experience in the sector allows us to combine tradition and technology; with the introduction of gas burners in our ovens, pizza cooking with gas can be just as even and professional as with wood.

All our models are suitable for gas cooking and, thanks to their advanced technical features, their minimal fuel consumption will be evident in your low gas bills.

Other features that impress those who choose gas is the intuitive and user-friendly electronic temperature control and the greater hygiene due to the lack of soot and ash.

Whether you choose wood or gas, our solid expertise and eighty years of experience are the best guarantee of our pizza ovens.