How to choose the best oven for your pizza truck

pizza oven truck

Neapolitan pizza: a product that’s proud to be Made in Italy.

Neapolitan pizza has been known all over the world for centuries for its delicious flavours, thin soft crust and raised edges.
Thanks to its importance in Italy and its history, it has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco, further adding to the foodie reputation of the beautiful, warm-hearted city of Naples.
Over the years, all kinds of people have tried to recreate it, but without success, since the rules for its preparation are sacred and unchangeable: it’s certainly true that every stage is crucial for perfect results, and every detail can make a difference. From this it is clear that the cooking, above all, must be carried out in a special way and, to make this happen, you need a high-quality oven built by a specialist team, and a focus on the choice of raw materials to avoid sudden temperature drops and heat dispersion during cooking.
Neapolitan pizza actually cooks in one minute and, if the oven is not of sufficient quality, it shows in the results; for this reason, before purchasing an oven it is very important to carefully examine the options on the market. In addition to traditional pizzerias, it is becoming increasingly common to prepare pizzas in special vehicles, such as food trucks and trailers fitted with professional wood or gas ovens built by specialist companies, so that good food can reach everywhere in the city and outdoor cooking demonstrations can be held.

Ambrogi Ovens: symbols of Italian efficiency in the world.

When you choose a great quality oven, the cooking can’t be anything other than excellent. For more than eighty years, the all-Italian company Ambrogi has manufactured and distributed professional wood and gas ovens for restaurants and pizzerias all over the world; ovens that can meet the demands of reaching and maintaining the set temperature, thus guaranteeing quality and even cooking.
Depending on your needs, the Milan-based company’s team of specialist artisans will construct your oven entirely, and it can be customised to suit your space.

Some of our models resemble traditional ovens, with the classic dome-shaped roof; others have different shapes. Ambrogi ovens are suitable for installation on food trucks, trailers and Ape light vehicles, making moving around easy and fast.
And the fact that these extremely versatile ovens are available for such vehicles shows that you can’t do without a high-quality oven that’s designed and built for perfect organisation of your work space.


Ambrogi: quality and guarantee.

As you might imagine, the more professional your oven, the better your cooking, and the more delicious the pizzas. This is why Ambrogi focuses utterly on the quality of raw materials, but also on design and artisan production. Our manufacturing process is constantly monitored and improved, enabling us to add new technical features and guarantee extreme durability, excellent performance and considerable energy savings.
In conclusion, Ambrogi ovens are perfect for cooking Neapolitan, tray or Roman-style pizzas in the very best restaurants and pizzerias, but also for use in special food trucks, trailers or Apes, to further unite Italian tradition and take it all over the world.